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My Battle to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

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Week One – A Success Story??

My first "fast" evening meal.

My first “fast” evening meal.


I could have a guilt-free cake at my colleague’s leaving do on Friday!

Hello to my vast audience of two!

I really have no idea what I’m doing regarding making this blog. I know what a blog is, I have read blogs, but I have no idea what various terms mean like tags, categories, parent/children/orphan categories, etc. From just a brief exploration of my dashboard, my head is spinning!

I think I managed to add a category (weight loss) but I don’t know what difference that will make. I haven’t yet managed to work out how to search for other blogs on WordPress. I’m sure it’s not as difficult as it seems! I’m logged on at work though and lots of the pictures don’t seem to be showing properly so maybe it will be easier to see from home.

So, Wednesday’s fast day was okay.  Again, I managed to eat below the 500 calories with nothing between breakfast and dinner, and then nothing again until breakfast today.  I don’t think I was quite as hungry as I was on Monday so that’s good but it was very hard during the afternoon when I got in from work.  That’s my usual kitchen cruise time so I was pleased with myself for resisting.  I hope it will become easier with time.  My evening meal was roasted smoked haddock, poached egg and green beans.  Tasty.  Hubby had the same, except with a jacket potato as well.  My girls were not impressed with the strong fish and egg smells filling the house, both of which they hate!

On Thursday I was back to eating as normal.  I had a smoothie for breakfast although because it’s not a fast day I didn’t weigh the ingredients.  They are sooo yummy!  Lunch was pretty healthy with a tuna mayo and salad wrap, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas, a yoghurt and a satsuma.

Dinner was Stand ‘n’ Stuff Tacos and I even remembered to get the mince out of the freezer before I left for work.  Perhaps thinking about my food a bit more ahead of time will help me become more organized.  That’s the theory anyway!

We were away for the weekend, camping at the Big Church Day Out event in Wiston, near Steyning, West Sussex.  This is a weekend we’ve been to on three occasions now and for the last two years we have volunteered on the Saturday which means that we get the rest of the weekend and the camping for free.  This year we were on the stewarding team from 9am.  It had rained quite hard overnight so the ground was pretty muddy underfoot but was dry at the start of our shift.  Hubby was selected to go with the tractor rides to make sure that everyone stayed safe (remain seated until the vehicle comes to a complete stop and all that) and I was allocated part of the Food Avenue to patrol.  It rained for ages and I got absolutely drenched!  I was cold and my feet ached but later on it stopped and I had dried out by the end of the afternoon.  I dealt with a call for a first aider when a little girl tripped over, helped a parent who had lost their toddler (thankfully she reappeared very quickly) and found someone to help a teenager who had dropped her phone into one of the portaloos!  Hubby stayed pretty much dry the whole time.

Sunday was the complete opposite and it was beautiful sunshine all the way.  We even caught the sun a little bit.  What a contrast!

Anyway, the eating was a bit haphazard during the weekend.  We had planned our meals to save money and it all went well although I did perhaps eat more than I probably ought to have done between meals, including sharing a large bar of my favourite chocolate (Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells) with Ian.  But that was fine.  I didn’t need to feel guilty.  After all, the whole point of this diet is that you are only deprived for a short time and then can go back to normal eating.  I know that normal for me isn’t the same as normal for other people and the advantage of being away is that we only had with us what I’d brought.  And I did put back a few things I had originally packed.  And I also resisted the temptation of the candy floss stall!

Then it was Monday and another fast day.  As it was a Bank Holiday we slept in and I decided not to eat anything until dinner time as I thought my meals would be too close together if I ate a late breakfast.  I made a chicken and bacon pie (it was supposed to have leeks in too but I didn’t have any) which according to the website I got it from should have been under 300 calories.  I couldn’t quite believe that considering that pastry was involved, but I only put the pastry on the top rather than it being a filled pie so that kept it down a bit.  Another time I think I’ll just do the filling and put pastry on it for everyone else.  It was quite tasty.

I decided that I will weigh and measure myself on Tuesday mornings, just after a fast day, for the best and most consistent results.  So here are my vital statistics – put here in the hope that being honest will help me to stick with it.  The first table shows my measurements before I started on 19th May.  The second one shows my measurements this morning (27th May).

Weight 11st 11lbs
Bust 42.5”
Waist 40”
Hips 40”
Left Thigh 23”
Right Thigh 24”
Left Arm 12”
Right Arm 12”

I’m not entirely sure why one leg is a whole inch larger than the other here – I did check them both twice to confirm!

Weight 11st 7lbs
Bust 42”
Waist 38”
Hips 39”
Left Thigh 22.5”
Right Thigh 22.5”
Left Arm 12”
Right Arm 12”

As you can see, a pleasing improvement!  4lbs off and 5.5″.  I like making measurements as well as weighing as I’m aware that sometimes weight loss won’t be as quick as hoped for due to hormonal cycles, fluid retention, muscle gain, etc and in fact for me the most important thing isn’t what I weigh, but what I look like in clothes.  (Well what I look like naked too, but that’s just between me and hubby!)

Well that’s all for now.  I’m going to try to get some photos and tags inserted as well so I hope I don’t lose it all!  (The photos have ended up stuck at the top of the page.  I’m sure there’s a way to move them to within the text.  I’ll maybe work that out next time!)