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Post Christmas Blues?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas?

We had a lovely family time.  It was busy but fun.  Lots of great presents, party games, not much exercise, and of course loads of food!


On New Years Eve we went up to London to see the fireworks which were absolutely So much better than watching on TV. It was a lot of hanging around (7 hours) but totally worth it. We got a prime spot to watch them


and this is just one of many great shots we took.


I had planned to continue to fast during the Christmas break, but on different days.  However I completely forgot.  In the end I decided to not worry about what I was eating during the two weeks off.

Perhaps a mistake.

I weighed myself on Thursday morning, as usual.  It was 1st January so a good time for getting a benchmark to start from for 2015.  Before I got brave enough to stand on the scales I tried to prepare myself.  I thought best case scenario (although exceedingly unlikely) would be to stay the same.  Worst case would be having an 11 in front of my numbers again.  I hoped it wouldn’t be worse than 10:10 though; and that is exactly what it was.  I’ve put on 4lbs.  Could be better; so glad it wasn’t worse though.

I looked back at my weight loss record and found that I was last 10:10 at the beginning of October.  It took me until mid-December to get down to 10:6.  I really hope it doesn’t take me until the middle of March to lose those 4lbs again.

I am a bit worried that I’ve got back into old habits.  I have found myself eating when no one’s around, sneaking a bit of extra chocolate or a handful of dolly mixtures.  The “call” is stronger and a lot harder to resist than it has been lately.  Part of me thinks I should just scoff it all so it’s no longer in the house but I think that will just perpetuate the problem.  My youngest daughter is trying to lose weight too and it doesn’t set a good example if I’m eating too much.  But it doesn’t help her when it’s in the house either.

We went for a run on New Years Day which I was really pleased about.  It was a slow one because we had the dog with us and because I hadn’t run for ages.  We were out for an hour and took a long route through the forest.  I was sure it would be 7 or 8k, but looking at my phone when we got home, it was only 6k.  Disappointing but still better than staying in bed!

A friend who is part of a Facebook running group I belong to posted yesterday about the Angmering Bluebell Trail which is 10k or 10 miles through bluebell woods which sounds great.  I looked it up and it’s not too expensive – £15 for the 10k and £17 for the 10 miler.  And it’s on a Sunday at the end of April, so I can do it!  Now the decision is – 10k or 10 miles?

I’ve done a couple of 10ks and they’re quite hard.  But 10 miles would be a good way to challenge myself.  If I don’t try, I’ll never know whether I can do it.  With nearly 4 months to train, would it be possible??  The big concern though is that I’m working so much more now, will we be able to find time to train.  Tuesday evenings for Run Club and Thursday mornings for circuits are all the exercise I can do regularly.  I can sometimes do the Friday boot camp but not every week.  Once it’s a bit lighter in the evenings we could run when Ian gets home from work but it’s tight to fit in cooking, eating, and of course showering if there’s something else on later in the evening.  Plus reminding the girls to do their homework, reminding the girls to do their homework and reminding the girls to do their homework!

The last 10k I did, which was a trail run too, took me about 1 hour 15 minutes.  I reckon a 10 miler will be well over 2 hours, especially one that’s very hilly. I had a look at last year’s results, and for the 10k the last finisher took 1 hour 40 minutes and for the 10 miler the last finisher took 2 hours 19 minutes.  So I’d need to find time to run for 2 hours to train before the race.  Possible?  Maybe.  Do I want to?  That’s the burning question!

(The hilarious thing though is that two years ago when I started running, I’d never have dreamed I could run 1 mile, let alone be contemplating a 10 miler!)

Maybe I’ll stick with the 10k for now and find a longer one on the flat.  Or at least somewhere flatter.  I have just found a race report blog by the winner of last year’s 10 mile race and he describes it as a hard course which is nearly all either up or downhill and very little flat.  I’ll have to chat with my lovely hubby about it.  Maybe he can do the 10 miler and I’ll do the 10k.  We’ll probably finish at around the same time!!

Update: I forgot to finish this blog post, sorry! I weighed myself on Thursday and I was 10:8 so a pleasing 2lbs loss.

I’ll write a separate blog about the NHS mini MOT I had at work and this week’s results in the next few days.

Welcome to my new followers, and welcome back to the ones who’ve been around for a while. *happy waves*. I hope you have enjoyed reading my ramblings. Please feel free to comment and/or pass the link onto your friends. I always love to hear from you!