The Not-So-Secret Diary of an OverEater

My Battle to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

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The chart

Here it is, I obviously still have a lot to learn about blogging and all the settings!


And a cute one just because it’s easy to add photos from my phone!



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Woohoo!! At last!

Yesterday morning I got on the scales.  Having stayed the same weight again last week (which is why I didn’t bother blogging) I tried not to get my hopes up too high.  I reminded myself that I am healthier than I’ve been for ages, I’m enjoying (sort of) spin classes, and I feel thinner when I am lying in bed, resting my hand on my middle.  So that is all positive.

Well I was absolutely elated to find that I have broken that horrible 11 stone barrier, and I’m now 10st 12lbs!!!  That means a total of 13lbs lost since I started on 19th May!  It’s taken me 14 weeks, but I have heard that the slower you lose the weight the more likely it is to stay off so I’m hoping it will stay off for good. This is my chart:

(It will not cut and paste for some reason so I’ll have to add it via a separate post…)

I also measured myself.  I have lost 15.5” in total – that’s 2.5″ off my bust, 5″ off my waist, 2.5″ off my hips, 1.5″ off my left thigh, 2.5″ off my right thigh, 1″ off my left arm and 0.5″ off my right arm.  As you may realise I was, and still am, slightly lopsided!

I can’t quite believe it but obviously I’m really happy!  I have checked and my BMI is actually in the healthy range at long last – at the top end still, but healthy!  (I know that BMI isn’t 100% reliable when it comes to judging health but I think I’m average enough for it to be at least indicative of where I should be.  I’m certainly not muscle-bound (far from it!) so I don’t think the results will be too skewed.)

So my BMI now is 24.5.  According to the NHS, the healthy weight range for someone of my height and age is 8st3-11st2.  The middle of that is where I’d like to be.  9st7lbs is right in the middle with a BMI of 21.4.  Ideally I’d like to get a few lbs below 10st so I have a bit of leeway – if I gain a few lbs it’ll be easy enough to lose them and I’ll still be in a good place weight- wise, whereas right now if I put on a few (please no) I would be back in the overweight bracket again.

I think I’ll be aiming for 9st10 as that’s a BMI of 21.9 and feels kind of achievable.  So – another 16lbs to go then!  I did make it down to 9st7 way back in the Dark Ages, pre-pregnancies, so hopefully I can make it nearly there again.  There are 17 weeks to go until Christmas, so at the same rate of weight loss I should be reaching, or nearly reaching, target by then.  It would be so amazing to be able to shop for a Christmas outfit and not have to worry about wearing my very uncomfortable (and very unsexy) “hold all the fat in” pants this year!

Another thing I’ve found to be positive about is doing my fast days during the holidays.  I had deliberately planned my fast days to fall on days I was at work where food isn’t so easily available, and I was really worried that I would find it very hard to resist the food in the house, especially when the girls are around.  As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad at all.  My eldest daughter and I have been watching the first series of Masterchef Australia (the UK version is much better by the way) which has been a bit frustrating when my tummy is rumbling, but I’ve managed to get through it.

I keep on realising, over and over again, how much easier this way of eating is than traditional “deprivation” dieting.  I know I still need to be sensible on my non-fast days, but it’s so much easier to stick to the 500 calories when I know I can eat tomorrow.  I know it will be possible to maintain my weight once I get down to target by keeping one fast day a week in my routine.  It means if I do eat some chocolate on a non-fast day, I can enjoy it without feeling like I’ve failed yet again.  It was my mum’s birthday yesterday and we organised a family afternoon tea party for her.  We had scones, crisps, cheese and biscuits, and of course, cake.  I could eat it without feeling guilty!  And I don’t think I ate as much as I usually would do.

To end on a happy note: this morning, I thought of where I was in life a few years ago.  Then I thought about where I am now.  A *huge* smile spread across my face.  Life is good!


I Could Have Cried

…and in fact I did.

When I woke up I was excited but also a bit nervous as it was weigh-in day today. I feel thinner when I touch my middle and I was certain I would have lost weight, and dared to hope it might have even been as much as 3lbs.

This week I have exercised nearly every day. Spin Thursday, digging the garden Friday, Parkrun Saturday, weeding Sunday, spin Monday, circuits Tuesday and spin again on Wednesday. It’s now my second week of regular exercise. I have eaten pretty well.

To my dismay though, the scales stayed resolutely at 11:0. I got on and off them several times to check but they refused to change their mind. Aaarrrggghhh! 😭

What do I have to do?? It’s just not fair.

The problem is, I don’t exercise for the love of it. I mean I don’t hate it, and when it’s over I’m pleased I’ve done it, but I’d much rather be curled up somewhere with a good book.

No, I exercise as a means to an end. Exercising is necessary to be fitter, healthier and ultimately to lose weight.

So if I don’t lose weight then what’s the point?

*slaps own face* snap out of it Liz, get back to the positive thinking, celebrate the victories. 

1. I measured myself and I am 2.5″ thinner than the last time I measured myself and half an inch thinner than the last measure at 11 stone (if that makes sense).
2. I’ve now lost 11lbs and 11.5″ since starting the 5:2 diet.
3. I’ve definitely identified that bread bloats me and makes it even harder to lose weight and inches.
4. We are getting our money’s worth out of the gym membership!
5. The garden’s really starting to look good.
6. I’m setting a good example for the girls.

Okay, scraping the bottom of the barrel there. I’m trying though! I really don’t want to go back. I am desperate to keep going forward and gaining ground in this battle.


PS I wrote this on Thursday, but didn’t get a chance to finish it off until now.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race…

Well I hope so, anyway!

Yesterday saw my weight getting back down to where it was before the holiday – 11st.

That’s good news.

It is, honestly, even if it doesn’t altogether feel like it. I wanted it to be more. I’ve eaten well


Wednesday's Mexican Pizza

and exercised lots more than usual. I’ve even discovered spin classes which I am enjoying, apart from when I’m walking down the stairs at the gym on my way out. I really have to hold on tight to the bannister so my legs manage to get me down without ending up in a heap at the bottom!

Today is the first day since Monday I haven’t been to the gym but I’ve been digging the garden instead. Tomorrow will be Parkrun day and Sunday will be a day of rest (although there’s likely to be more gardening to do).

Anyway, back to the point. I wanted to lose more because I’d been ‘good’. The old Liz (who is still lurking and must not be allowed back) would have had numerous thoughts running around her head about how she’s failed yet again, she’s useless, what’s the point, etc, and probably would have consoled herself with altogether too much of the wrong sort of food.

The new Liz reminded herself that all that exercise probably will have built muscle which is heavier than fat, especially having done new exercises. Apparently it can take a week or two for new exercise to have an effect on someone’s weight too.

Also the fact remains that I’m 11lbs lighter than when I started. Had I not started at all, I most likely would be several pounds heavier. And it also means that I’ll  almost certainly break into the 10lbs-something area next week.

So that’s where I am this week. Finally I’d like to say thanks to my new followers. It was a bit scary posting the link to my blog on my friend’s Fab Fit Mums Facebook page. What I hadn’t realised was that it is a public page, which meant it showed up on my timeline too! I wasn’t quite ready for that but it’s out there now and I hope reading about my struggle might help someone.

Please continue to like, follow and comment!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures I took on a twilight stroll with friends around Tilgate Lake last night.




Post Holiday Blues??

So… we’re back from very sunny Bulgaria. While away I didn’t fast or really worry too much about what I ate.


Roast lamb


Sirloin steak, served sizzling on a volcanic rock and carved at the table

And we even ate in a restaurant with a seventeen PAGE dessert menu. Yes that’s seventeen pages of desserts, with five to six desserts, fully photographed on each page. Here’s an example page:


And this is the one I chose:


It was jolly tasty, I can tell you!

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be about losing weight, not about tasty desserts!

Well the first thing to say is that I couldn’t finish that dessert. My lovely hubby stepped up and finished it for me (he’s one of those people with hollow legs who can eat pretty much anything without gaining any weight). Now in the past, I would have finished it however full I was, so I count that a victory, albeit a minor one.

So, fab holiday over, what did the scales have to say when I got home? Well I usually weigh myself on a Thursday morning, just after my second fast day of the week. My first weigh back from holiday was on the Tuesday. The scales showed 11:5, a 5lbs gain. I fasted on the Wednesday and then weighed myself on Thursday morning to get back to the usual time and I was 11:1. Woohoo! That left me just 1lb up and I was pretty pleased about that.

Since being home, I have had a few more victories. On Thursday, I was very aware of the sweets left over from holiday which I’d squirreled away into the door pocket in the car. (They are very yummy Haribo ones which sadly aren’t available in the UK – I actually sent them a Facebook message to ask and they said they have no plans to bring them here. Boo – but probably just as well for my waistline and bank balance!)

Anyway, back to the sweets. Even though I wasn’t on a fast day and could have eaten them if I’d wanted to (and I did want to!) I drove two, admittedly short, journeys without eating even one!

On Thursday I had planned to go to a circuits class at 9:30 but my eldest daughter wanted me to bleach her hair before her boyfriend came over. I knew it would take ages and I wouldn’t be able to fit in the class so I actually looked at the timetable and found a spin class at 7am and got up and went to it. At 7am!! I’d never done spin before and it was hard work but I think I’ll do it again.

And then lovely hubby and I went to Run Club in the evening too. My legs didn’t want to co-operate for the first half but towards the end we did an 8x100m relay race and I had to run the 3rd and 8th legs (some only had to do one). I was really pleased with myself as my team didn’t come last, even with me on it! I ran really hard and on the last leg I had no idea how close the other team was behind me. I was just repeating to myself ‘keep going, keep going, don’t slow down, keep going’ and I did keep going and got a high five from the coach as I crossed the line. He seemed quite impressed with my performance! I was extremely proud of my hubby who was in another team, running the first and 5th legs. He was the first to the first 100m, ahead of the fastest runner other than the coach there!

This is another long post, but there was lots to catch up on. I hope you’ve made it down this far. Please join in the comments with your holiday food memories, and any diet victories you’ve had lately. Let’s encourage each other!

For anyone interested, this is the end result of my daughters’ hair after bleach, a not-up-to-her-expectations candy floss pink dye, and finally a shocking pink dye. She absolutely loves her new look. I’m just glad it’s over! For now. (I reckon over the two days I was probably working on it for nearly 6 hours.)