The Not-So-Secret Diary of an OverEater

My Battle to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

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I haven’t written for a while; sorry about that.

Life has been totally hectic.  Work has been sooo busy and very stressful.  I worked an extra day last week and will be also working an extra day this week for one of my colleagues so that she can do two of my days at the end of term before we go on holiday.

I’m really looking forward to the holiday.  Five weeks and counting!

But on the other hand…. only five weeks, aaaggghhh!  How am I going to lose the weight by then?

This fast diet is good but I think I’m still eating too much on my non-fast days.

I’m in that kind of “why bother, why make myself miserable” mood at the moment.  I love food – why can’t I just enjoy it???  Why is all the yummiest food also the food which is bad for you??  I haven’t heard of anyone who became ill from eating too much broccoli – I suppose if I did a Google search I’d be bound to find one or two “mad” people who adore broccoli and eat loads of it – but there are hoards of us chocoholics out there!

I’m so grateful for my lovely hubby.  We were at Run Club last week and I said to him that I would quite like to end up being the shape of the girl in the purple top, or maybe the one in the light blue top.  He said that he loves me being Lizzie shape.  So sweet.  I know how he feels because I love him exactly as he is and I expect (as with everyone) there are some things he would change given the choice.  I just wish I could love myself this shape!  I hate having the extra roll below my bra line which my arms rest on.  And the (larger) roll below that.  And the swingy arms.  And the podgy thighs and way bigger than average calves – I can’t buy normal wellies (lol, that auto-corrected to say willies!!) because they are too tight.

My fast day yesterday went well, with a smoothie for breakfast and a wrap-based pizza for tea.  I still find the time between eating tea and going to bed the hardest, temptation-wise, but as I was out for most of the evening it wasn’t too bad.

We’ll be at Run Club tonight all being well and tomorrow my daughters and I are running our local Race for Life.  I did it last year with my youngest daughter for the first time and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and sense of achievement when we completed it.  This year I’ll be running for a friend who, at only 34, moved into St Catherine’s Hospice this week and in memory of another friend who died a few months ago following a long battle with breast cancer.

I’ve decided to weigh myself on a Thursday morning rather than a Tuesday morning.  That way it is after my second fast day of the week and hopefully will show a better result!  If I get a chance I will do a blog update on Friday or over the weekend with my (hopefully new and improved) measurements.

Well I think that’s it for now.  Perhaps I’ll be in a more positive mood the next time I blog!


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Cookie remorse….

Well there turns out to be more than one reason to regret eating all those cookies Friday night.

Although I really felt too tired to go, I forced myself up and out to Parkrun (a free, timed 5k run which is held every Saturday at 9am in many venues across the country, and indeed the world) the next morning.  As we walked down the hill towards the start line, I could feel my tummy, still bloated and full from the cookies.  I completed the run in a disappointing 34:24 but as my running friends say – a run is still a run; 5k is still 5k however fast or slow you do it so I should be pleased with myself for getting out there.  My PB (personal best), set last November, is 31:35 and I had set myself the target of getting below 30 minutes this year.  That seemed achievable at the start of the year but it feels like it’s getting further away each week.

We keep saying it, but we must do it.  Go running during the week.  It’s Run Club tonight at our local leisure centre and we really must go.  I know when I get home from work I’ll be tired and will try to make loads of excuses but my PB time was set when I was going to Run Club regularly, as well as going to circuits and kettlebells classes.  So enough of my lazy prevarication.  I need to get off my backside and do it!

This morning was my weigh-in day and I weighed the same as last week :-(.  11st 7lbs.  Having lost 4lbs in my first week, I knew it wouldn’t be as much this week, but I had hoped for a pound or two off, but it wasn’t to be (ggrrrr… why didn’t I resist those cookies’ siren calls?).  I have lost some inches though.  I lost one from my bust, put one on at my waist (not sure how that happened), I lost a quarter of an inch from each thigh and half an inch from one of my arms.  So a net loss of 1″.  Not much but could be worse!

One big advantage of doing this diet has been discovering new recipes.  I’m quite a fussy eater, but I’ve searched up low-calorie meals and lots sound really tasty.  Yesterday we had salmon with a sweet soy-sauce-based sauce and salad which was delicious.  It will be just as nice with chicken or beef so we’ll be able to change it up a bit.

We had a busy weekend in the garden. The deck is finally finished and we’ve started to get some plants into the new flower bed so I feel more of a sense of having achieved something.  My to-do list is still as long as my arm but I feel more like I can get through it eventually.

Despite the disappointing news from the scales I am feeling more positive now and I’m sorry for dumping on you all last time.  By the way – thank you to everyone who has “followed” me so far!  Please feel free to comment and share your weight loss and motivation tips with me, I’d love to hear your ideas. 🙂